At Samron we beleive in giving back to our community and helping those in need. We have been privallaged to partner with some amazing organizations and people over the years. Please consider donating to these very worthy causes.



Along with participating in the "ice bucket challenge" to raise awareness for ALS, Samron found it important to make a financial donation to this cause as well. As the preeminent ALS organization, the association leads the way in research, care services, public education, and public policy -- giving help and hope to those facing the disease. 

Samron chose this charity after being approached by a student from Michigan State University. He was a pitcher on their baseball team. In the meeting he explained how difficult the transition was going from a small town to such a large university. He was approached by AIA at a time when he was homesick and considering coming home. AIA helped him through that difficult time and worked as his friend and mentor. This experience meant so much to him that after graduation, he decided to take a year off to mentor other college athletes who may be overwhelmed by bustling universities.


This charity is one that Samron has been proud to participate with for many years. In 1995 they began a charitable dart tournament and auction to benefit children in need. The families receive services for children with disabilities. Whether it's in-home physical therapy or doctor's visits, the Elks Crippled Children's charity is there for families in need. This tournament has raised more than $350,000.00 in its fundraising efforts over the years.


Samron participates on many levels with our local high school sports programs. It is our strong belief that wonderful life lessons begin the first time you decide to compete. All too often the first thing cut in many school districts are their sports progams. We feel these programs teach leadership, self control, teamwork, a sense of accomplishment and pride. These are the exact qualities we strive to find in employees. Students that choose to participate in sports have to work twice as hard to keep up with class work and family obligations. We are proud of the commitment our area high school athletes give and we intend to continue to commit our support to them.


We have supported the SIU Women's Golf Team since 2000. As stated above, we like to participate with sports teams that benefit young athletes. We were drawn to this program by a very special past coach, Diane Daugherty. She coached the team for 25 years and held a special talent for mentoring young women on her team. This is evident during the annual fundraiser when most of her graduated players descend on Carbondale to be auctioned off as 'A' players in a golf tournament. These women come from all over the United States to continue to support their past coach and the team they love. It speaks volumes when past athletes feel that kind of connection to their coach and their Alma Mater.


The scholarship fund at SIU is a way to support many athletes simultaneously. This is our largest charitable commitment and we are proud to help student athletes who desperately need scholarship money. We take great pride in contributing to this first class university.


This is a not-for-profit, no-kill animal shelter in our community that approached us during their up-start asking for help. We donated the concrete and labor so the animals would have clean living conditions. This also happens to be the official charity of the SIU Women's Golf Team, and they volunteer their time throughout the year.


This is a fundraiser that helps support an elementary basketball program. The program teaches basketball to young boys and girls then culminates in tournament play. The children receive their tournament trophies at half time of a high school game. This is the first opportunity for many of these kids to participate as a team and play a sport. The program fosters sportsmanship and team work. It is run by a host of generous volunteers and overseen by the incomparable Kay Bozarth.


Wyatt was a local soldier that was tragically killed in Iraq by an IED. His family started this memorial in his name and they are funding scholarships with the proceeds.


This foundation helps fund the Muddy Kids Project, whose primary goal is to foster knowledge and interest in America's great outdoors among elementary students. By developing a program/curriculum for schools that encourages students to explore their surrounding nature, they have been very successful in achieving this goal. The MKF also, along with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, hosts an annual youth Duck Hunt and Banquet for young hunters each December.



  • Arthritis Foundation

  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital

  • Relay for Life

  • John R. Adams Memorial Bocce Tournament

  • Murphysboro Apple Festival

  • Salukis Black-Out Cancer

  • Murphysboro Baseball Inc.

  • Apple Festival Queen Scholarship

  • Murphysboro High School Boosters